Shakira stars in Burberry’s Christmas campaign wearing an impressive dress

Shakira becomes the ambassador of Burberry ‘s Christmas campaign . The British fashion house. Best known for its plaid pattern. Kicks off the festive season with the audiovisual piece “The Night Before” . Where the Monotonía interpreterprepares for Christmas night with classic and elegant garments from the brand. Shakira and Nigerian artist, Burna Boy , become the face of the brand. Bringing Burberry’s festive campaign to life. As Vanity Fair points out. This audiovisual piece works as an ode to the party nights that are to come in the coming months. In addition. The brand points out that this campaign seeks to break with the typical messages of the season. Set the “definitive stage for self-expression and to have new versions of festive traditions.”

Shakira stars in the new Burberry campaign

As Shakira pointed out. This creative campaign is very different industry email list from anything she has done so far. It has been in the hands of director Torso. One of the most prominent creatives today. The singer highlights that “it is very interesting, as someone who comes from music. To take a look at this world, and see how everyone who works on this project pays attention to the small details to create a beautiful result.” She adds that for her, Burberry is synonymous with “elegance and simplicity . “

The Revenge Dress

Reference to the recent news of her separation from footballer Gerard Piqué . In addition to the impressive dress that falls from the sky. Shakira wears a ring on her little finger, in which you can read the word “Love. A symbol of her own love. Burberry announced the collaboration DM Databases with the winner of 3 Grammy Awards with a post on its official Instagram account. Which already has more than 800,000 likes . In the photograph you can see the artist in a sheer dress and jewelry to make her debut with the fashion house.

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