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Commplace PR agency Collaborative consumption challenges the tendency of marketing to focus on product innovation and favor disruptive (revolutionary) innovations over incremental innovations that are driven by buyers. The latter consist in enriching the knowlege already possesse by the company and using it in a new way. Incremental innovation adds value to a product or service. How does collaborative consumption relate to customer experience? In addition to managing brands, traditional companies also manage the customer experience at all touchpoints where their customers choose, purchase, and consume their products or services.

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To ensure the high quality of these experiences, companies try to influence the behavior of their service providers (both employees and members of the sales channel) in various ways. They do it, through employer branding , careful selection Latest Mailing Database of employees, training, but also by exerting its power and influence to encourage the desire behavior. Someone can be punishe for non-compliant behavior. However, these traditional tools and strategies may be less effective in the sharing economy. Collaborative consumption is characterize by the fact that the user experience often means access to an offer owne by another consumer who uses products of another brand.

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Thus, the entity that provides them has only limite control over the quality of the user experience. Commplace PR agency An important role here is also playe by the target group , whose behavior may affect the experiences of other customers. Take, for example, the popular electric scooters. If one of the users leaves it inoperative or DM Databases in an unauthorize place, the next customer may blame the company that puts the equipment into use for this state of affairs. Collaborative consumption vs. branding Collaborative consumption has also cause a stir in the area of ​​branding.

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