Every time you have to use an image you search

I can’t complain because almost all of my entries are going up in Google’s rankings and I have a couple of entries that are in first or second place. There is a change in traffic due to the page theme, but it is also logical to increase the ( compared to the year, because this is the situation when I started ) I think your page, blog, interventions, etc. are doing very well. Maybe it’s not a recession, it’s a normalization of the industry. I don’t know, that’s a view I’m throwing out.

I will tell you not to get carried away

 A hug Reply Edouard Rubianes Month Day Hello Angel, dear friend!!! Thank you for    special data  keeping an eye on my adventures, and I know you are a loyal follower and a good friend. As I mentioned in my post, in addition to the general decline in digital content consumption after the new crown epidemic, the launch of Google’s algorithm update has also caused serious damage to the digital world that relies on organic traffic.

with photos that are too “professional”

 It’s time to recover and propose changes to turn things around. We cant sleep a big hug, good luck with your project, you are doing it ! Reply Leave a comment Your email address will not be made public. The required field is marked as Write  DM Databases  here Name Name Email Network Save my name, email and website in this browser for next comment. Legal information: what it is, what it is used for and how to use it on your website Comments

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