Some of the things you might want to update are: Stats – Do you have the latest stats?

Using content refresh, HubSpot was able to update and republish past blog posts that saw an increase in organic traffic of up to 106%. By doing so, they built on existing search authority that the post had already accumulated, which is better than starting from scratch. How to keep the content up to date? One way to do this is to analyze content data with Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC). If you see a post that is out of date but has the potential to rank higher for high search volume keywords, this is an opportunity for you to update some old content. When it comes to updating content, look for accuracy, freshness, and comprehensiveness. Make sure you update it. Then replace the old ones with the newer ones. Irrelevant Images – Try to update your images.

Using content refresh

If so, correct them. Writing – When reading your past content, you may realize that you could have written that sentence or paragraph differently. Well, it’s never too late to improve your content! You can start by making your sentences  Germany Mobile Number List  and paragraphs shorter. Also, don’t forget to check how your page performs on the mobile version. If it’s not formatted well, change it to prevent mobile users from leaving your page. Optimizing the UX/UI design for your mobile site is important, so make sure you follow the mobile first design strategy when developing your site. Examine current data and metrics If you want to focus on growing your organic traffic, look at your current data. By examining them, you can gain insights in just a few minutes. The cool part is that you can reduce the time spent brainstorming ideas by making decisions based on numbers .

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With data analysis

With data analysis, you can find out how users behave on your site, where they come from, what keywords they searched for. This allows  DM Databases  you to modify and tweak your content to get more organic traffic. There are some tools when it comes to analyzing data such as GA and GSC. With GA, for example, you can find out how engaged your pages are and how much traffic you’re converting. Finally, to increase organic traffic, you need to provide users with what they are looking for based on qualitative and quantitative research. With a little patience, you’ll have quality advice, quality information, and insights to increase the time your users spend on your site. Conclusion Congratulations on taking such good steps to improve your rankings and increase your organic traffic! Now that you’ve completed all that hard upfront work, it’s essential to reduce the threat of ranking down over time.

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