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Length for Your Email Subject Lines

Use  right in the subject line by including subscriber names. You can use many other personalization options based on subscriber data. Length for Your This data can be collected through your sign-up form, or from other sources likeThis is a powerful subject line because it’s short, asks a question, and ties to previous recipient behavior. Consider doing the same with your emails.You’ll never know what works best without trying different options. So mto find the best one. You can A/B test different lengths and different types of copy to get a good idea of what your email list responds to.

Use emojis when appropriate

While continues, the fact is they’re here to stay. Their judicious use in subject lines can set your emails apart in an inbox with seemingly endless stacked lines of text.

There are. A majority of companies Greece Phone Number Data do not use them, and this may contribute to the  for emails that employ them. Plus, they create powerful emotive storytelling, perfect for the shorter lines of text on mobile devices.

Though this isn’t strictly related to subject lines, it’s worth noting that using automation in your email strategy is bound to increase your engagement metrics. Even simple automation steps like a are effective ways to grab your subscribers’ list at the time they’re most engaged.

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If you can play off of the timing or context of your automated email in your subject lines, then your results will only get better.

Wrap up

At the end of the day, the best email subject line length will vary from brand to brand. That means it’s best to test out different lengths to see what works for you.

If you leverage your past data and test your subject lines, you’ll be well on your way to knowing how long email subject lines should be to encourage subscribers to open and take action with your campaigns.

This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and related subjects. Length for Your The content provided  DM Databases in this blog (“Content”). Should not be constru as and is not intend to constitute financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. All Content is provided strictly “as is” and we make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Content.

How to Determine the Best

Finding the ideal length for a subject line is an important step in your email marketing, but subject lines are not just about length. In order to see success, you’ll need to leverage general best practices. If you use the same subject line over and over, it won’t excite to Determine the Best your subscribers. So, rather than using “January 2021 company newsletter”, try to get more creative and encourage subscribers to open emails and see the latest and greatest information you have to offer.

Keep subject lines short

Short subject lines tend to win out. As discussed above, research shows around 41 characters is the optimal length for a subject line. Still, some marketing experts suggest going even shorter.

Backlinko founder Brian Dean says Germany Phone Number Data subject lines which on average have significantly higher open rates. He attributes this to two factors.

First, emails with shorter subject lines are more likely to be delivered. Second, brevity creates an air of mystery.

Per Dean’s thinking, the subject line “Are you available to meet today at 11?” (38 characters) doesn’t have quite the same impact as “Meeting at 11?” (14 characters).

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All in all, keep your character count low when you can. And, imposing character limits for people sending email at your company could be a wise decision, too.

Test your subject lines across devices and clients

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to make sure your subject lines display properly across devices. Sending test emails will help you make sure DM Databases that your to Determine the Best subject line reads well anywhere.Some marketing experts such as Val Geisler to a more casual, personal feel. In that case, you might opt for sentence case or all lowercase for your subject lines.

Integration for Nonprofits

While mobile optimization has more to do with the code or template you’re using, it has implications for your subject line as well. Different devices will truncate your subject lines differently, and if you don’t test for them, you could end up with some .

Luckily, Campaign Monitor’s  enables you to see previews of your email in over 25 different email clients before sending your campaign to ensure your email looks great in any inbox.

When considering the subject line length that will work best for your marketing emails, consider using data to pinpoint subscriber devices. Integration for Nonprofits Are most of your subscribers opening emails on mobile, or are they sticking to their desktop.

lines have performed

Campaign Monitor users can easily find this information in your Campaign Monitor account, in the Campaign Reports section under France Phone Number Data Email Client Usage. This will help you optimize your subject line length.

Since most people are viewing emails on iPhones and Gmail, optimize your subject line length to between 41 characters (portrait view on an iPhone) to 70 characters for Gmail. You don’t want a broken experience because your .

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How past subject

It’s also a good idea to look at which subject lines have garnered high open rates in your past emails.

High open rates can occur because of deals you were offering, the time of day, or the copy and sentiment in the subject line itself.

Still, it’s worthwhile to take a look and DM Databases see if any trends emerge from your and the length of the subject line.

As you craft your email subject lines, remember when and how your subscribers are reading your emails.

If the majority of the opens are happening on iPhones, you’ll want to use shorter email subject lines to get the most impact. Integration for Nonprofits Additionally, keep your offer or CTA at the beginning of your subject line where it’s most likely to be seen. You can also to add more context to your subject lines in the preview pane.

The Blackbaud Campaign Monitor

The data shared between platforms will provide users with the granular information they need to accurately segment their audiences and include relevant. The Blackbaud Campaign  And compelling content in their email marketing campaigns.

If a subscriber unsubscribes from your marketing campaign, that information will be updated automatically in Raiser’s Edge NXT, so there’s no need to manually update supporters who have unsubscribed.

Add new subscribers to RE NXT

New subscribers to Campaign Monitor can be synced to RE NXT as new constituents. You can control which subscribers you transfer by setting up individual lists in Campaign Monitor.

You’ll also get basic deduplication to make sure those subscribers don’t already exist. This direct integration between Campaign Monitor Denmark Phone Number Data and Raiser’s Edge NXT from Blackbaud can be a game-changer for nonprofit organizations and their marketing teams.

As a marketer, you work hard to write great copy and create compelling emails. But if you aren’t writing subject lines that encourage subscribers to read your messages, your campaigns could fall short.

More and more emails are opened on mobile devices, which typically show a smaller number of characters. With this in mind, you may wonder if your subject lines should be shorter to accommodate on-the-go subscribers.

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Is there a secret to the perfect subject line length

Every subscriber list is different, so the perfect subject line length depends on a variety of factors. But it’s possible to get insight into ideal lengths for DM Databases your industry. The Blackbaud Campaign  Unlock those insights, and you’re bound to see increased engagement and performance from your marketing emails.

In this post, we’ll share some actionable tips for finding the correct email subject line length for your email marketing strategy.

Goals Not Just Metrics

Even as some of our offices have begun to open back up, we’re continuing to focus on building a hybrid team. We now have team members across 11 different countries, working as connected and in-sync as ever. Not Just Metrics We’ve placed a serious focus on employee health as well, offering a wellbeing allowance, free Calm app subscriptions, and encouraging time off for wellbeing — whatever that means for each person.

And we couldn’t have

Email is what we do, and you won’t find a group that’s more passionate about that than we are. But there’s more to it than just that. We’re consistently China Phone Number Data inspired by the work and creativity of the people that use our product, and we can’t wait to continue to serve you all and watch you grow in 2022.

p.s keep an eye out for our annual email benchmarks report coming in January. We’ve got some interesting insights from an unprecedented year

Our direct integration with Blackbaud’s donor management platform, Raiser’s Edge NXT, makes email marketing for nonprofits a whole lot easier.

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Nonprofits and social good organizations will be excited to hear about our new direct integration with ​​, a fundraising and donor management platform from Blackbaud.

This integration creates an automated email marketing solution designed for the needs and goals of nonprofits and social good organizations.

done it without you

“By combining the power of Raiser’s Edge NXT with a leading email marketing automation platform like Campaign Monitor, our joint customers will enjoy a new. Highly sophisticated experience to help them take the effectiveness of their email marketing and fundraising to a whole new level. Said David Loring, senior director, partners, Blackbaud.

For customers of Raiser’s Edge NXT and Campaign Monitor, here’s what you can expect.

All your supporter activity, all in one placeSeeing all of your supporter’s activity, including marketing activity, all in one place is wildly important. Not Just DM Databases Metrics And this integration helps you do just that. Campaign Monitor will send subscriber email engagement activity right to Raiser’s Edge NXT without you having to do anything.

Align Your Email Goals to Business

has been quite the year for, well, just about everybody. But particularly for email marketers. Align Your Email Goals After a wild that brought the beginning of a pandemic, a lot of uncertainty, and some unbelievable email numbers, 2021 didn’t give us much of a break. What a lot of us hoped would be a return to “normal” ended up being an acceptance of a different kind of normal. Though,  in this new normal.

As we tie the final bows on a more than eventful 2021, let’s take a look back at some of your incredible achievements from the past year.

Together we reached the world

This year, Campaign Monitor customers used our platform to send over 31 billion emails (31,350,157,127 to be precise!) opened in 245 countries around the world. That’s some serious reach.

Just as we were all beginning to settle into our routines, Apple dropped a major surprise on the digital marketing world when it Canada Phone Number Data announced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). Putting open rates in serious jeopardy, this feature is just beginning to shape how we all, as email marketers, think about goals and engagement — something worth keeping an eye on in 2022.

Our deliverability team continued to do amazing work, keeping our delivery rate at 99.86% in 2021. And with a 99.98% uptime, your app experience was pretty seamless.

Outside of keeping you up and running, we also  to help you do your best work.

Technology kept us on our toes

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Email Academy — We launched a free online learning platform to increase your skills, train your team, and build your business. We created 8 courses this year, with more to come in 2022. So far, almost 5,000 of you have begun your Email Academy journeys. If you haven’t yet, to begin!

Your go-to for all things MPP — We were here for you when things got, er, a little confusing. After Apple announced MPP, we acted quickly to  as well as. Then, our product team made some  to reflect our post-MPP world.

We’re still learning about all the effects of MPP, and we’ll be here to guide you through it all.

A new Campaign Monitor, inspired by you — Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work on building a completely new campaign experience DM Databases with you at the heart of it. Change is always hard, even when it’s for the better, but our product managers Phil and Dan were here to .

You all took to the refreshed interface at an incredible rate. Align Your Email Goals After our new campaign experience went live, we saw a 20% increase in the number of A/B tests you sent and a 20-25% increase in the use of tags.

Template That Fits Your Content

While email-specific metrics like open rate are a helpful proxy for success, they’re not the definition for success itself. Template That Fits  We don’t just send email so that people open it — we do it do contribute to larger marketing and business goals, like website visits, purchases, or revenue generated.

Now that metrics like open rate and click-to-open-rate (CTOR) are out the window, it’s time to start re-thinking how we are going to define success with email. And in doing so, it’s also a good time to make sure your email marketing strategy is based around your broader business goals.

Focus on adding value

Let’s be honest, most marketing emails just feel like noise. Inboxes are crowded, and users are constantly scanning through Cambodia Phone Number Data to decipher what’s important and what’s not.

So, what’s the key to being one of the names that people look out for? Consistently add value to your subscribers.

This will mean different things to different types of people and businesses, but a good question to ask before sending a marketing email is whether or not you have a reason to be in their inbox. If you don’t, and you’re just sending for the sake of sending, then it’s probably best to rethink it.

phone number list

Begin with the end in mind

When crafting a campaign or a single marketing email, it’s important to have your end goal in mind when you start. What, exactly, do you want to teach your subscriber, tell them, direct them to? Knowing what action you want them to take before starting DM Databases will help inform all of the decisions you make when creating your actual campaign, leading to a better email experience for everybody.

Apple threw the email marketing world for a loop when they suddenly announced Mail Privacy Protection earlier this year. Template That Fits  And while it may have sounded scary at first, marketers will adapt (just like they have with every other major tech update), and ultimately, we think they’ll be better off for it.

Here’s to hoping MPP brings a new focus on the experience that marketers create for their subscribers.

Choose an Email Newsletter

This doesn’t exactly sound like a win for marketers, does it? While we’d agree that the loss of some data and functionality is inconvenient, we do think MPP will ultimately be a good thing for the future of email.

How? Because MPP will force marketers an Email Newsletter to focus on the experience they’re creating, not optimize their campaigns for hollow metrics like open rate.

With available to us, it’s become too easy for marketers to define success by top-line metrics like open rate. While those metrics are helpful, they’re not the end goal.

your subject lines or CTAs

Our hope with MPP is that marketers will feel less compelled to write a deceiving subject line that overpromises and underdelivers on Belgium Phone Number Data what’s actually inside the email, and more compelled to deliver value and enhance their subscriber experience every chance they get.

And hey, by focusing more on the experience you’re creating with email and the value you’re giving your subscribers, odds are, your metrics will probably all start to look better anyway. Funny how that works

Don’t be deceptive with

phone number list

Like we mentioned, it’s easy to feel compelled to write deceptive, overpromising subject lines or calls-to-action for the sake of seeing higher open rates or click rates. But ultimately. When subscribers catch on to the fact that you’re consistently letting them down with your actual content, they won’t keep coming back.

To be clear, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t follow  and make your subject lines and CTAs clear and engaging. We’re just saying that you DM Databases shouldn’t an Email Newsletter try and boost your stats at the expense of your subscribers. If you can’t make the content of your email or the content you’re linking to compelling without lying about it, you probably shouldn’t send it in the first place.

Make Customers Feel Understood

When Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection, earlier this year, it threw marketers into a bit of a frenzy. Make Customers Feel No one knew exactly what the effects of the new feature would be, but we knew it’d change the way we thought about and reported email marketing metrics.

The announcement had shades of GDPR, for those in the digital marketing world who were around to remember it. And while it seems like MPP’s effects won’t be as broad, the feature still has wide-ranging implications for the future of email.

While a lot of marketers will mourn the loss of data like opens and geographic location, we’d argue that MPP is actually going to be a good thing for everyone involved in the email marketing industry.

Here’s why.

How Mail Privacy

If you’ve heard the terms Mail Privacy Protection, MPP, or iOS 15 tossed around the past few months, but aren’t sure what they actually mean don’t worry! We’ll catch you up really quick.

In September, Apple released its new software update, iOS 15. And with it came a new feature: Mail Privacy Protection.

For more on how it works, make sure to. But to understand what the feature actually does, those are the two things you need to know.

Now, while that might not sound too bad, there are some serious implications for email marketers. The first and most obvious implication Brazil Phone Number Data is that MPP makes open rate tracking far less reliable, putting  as a metric in serious jeopardy. And as if changing our metrics and reporting wasn’t enough, it also means you’ll probably want to rethink any automated journeys you have set up that have automation steps based on whether or not a person opens an email.

phone number list

Protection effects marketers

While the loss of geographic data might not seem quite as drastic, there are a lot of marketers who depend on that data for list segmentation purposes. Make Customers Feel For instance, if you plan on sending different emails to different DM Databases subscribers based on location, that becomes a bit trickier. Rather than relying on collecting that data automatically, you’ll now have to ask your users for it first-hand.

Losing this data also means that  a popular feature among ESPs — will be less dependable, as it won’t have location data for a lot of users.

Double Down on Quality Content to

Don’t let newsletters shut you into a typical “Here are our company updates” box. One of the biggest mistakes companies fall into with their newsletters is making it all about them. Double Down on Your email subscribers don’t want to hear about you, they want you to deliver them valuable content, and the more personal you can get with them, the better.

A/B testing can improve your click rates

Your marketing team should already be. If they’re not, they need to start doing it now. As much as we might want to say we know our audience Australia Phone Number Data and the types of emails they prefer, we’re never going to know as well as our audience themselves, and A/B tests give your audience a chance to tell you what they prefer.

Marketers who A/B test generally see far better engagement metrics like open rates and click-through rates than those who don’t, so you need to make A/B testing a priority.

phone number list

As a result, you’ll know  with your audience, which you can use to inform your email marketing strategy moving forward.

Watch your email frequency and timing

Sending emails too often can result in unsubscribes from your email list, but sending emails too infrequently can result in your subscribers overlooking them.

The annoying thing is, figuring this information out is usually completely unique to each company. There’s no magic solution to this puzzle. You can look at other companies in your industry to see how often they’re sending as a start, but ultimately, if you test it and make tweaks, your data will tell you what frequency your audience responds to.

Craft a compelling call-to-action

Typically, when a company sends a newsletter, they have something they want to link their readers to. Maybe it’s a piece of content on your website DM Databases that you teased in the newsletter, or maybe it’s a new product if you’re an ecommerce company. Double Down on Either way, crafting a clear, compelling call-to-action will help make sure readers get where you want to send them.

This newsletter from Zendesk includes a letter from the CEO about a new product announcement, and a CTA encouraging people to click to “learn more” about that product.

Email Newsletter Best Practices

People read over on mobile devices. That’s an astounding number, considering people do still use their computers on a regular basis.

Knowing that, it’s a good idea to optimize your emails for mobile devices. Newsletter Best Practices That means making sure your newsletter template looks good on desktop as well as mobile. This may sound complicated, but it’s not. At Campaign Monitor, we have a library of over ready for you to use.

Use segmentation to target your customers

While most email newsletters will go to your entire list, your organization may have a different structure. If your company serves multiple different verticals, it may be wise to craft different types of content for.

Or maybe you have newsletter Phone Number Data subscribers in different regions, in which case it might make sense to have specific content for each.

Optimizing for mobile means testing your subject lines as well! Neglecting to preview your subject lines for different devices is a recipe for disaster, so make sure you take them all into account and send as many test emails as possible. That includes design as well as .

phone number list

 Pay attention to your email newsletter design

It’s hard to overstate the importance of design for your newsletter’s success. You might think of design as only the fonts and colors you choose, but there’s so much more than goes into designing an effective email.

Designing the layout of your newsletter content is going to have huge implications on how your readers engage with it. Making it easy to read and DM Databases making your calls-to-action (CTAs) clear are going to give your engagement metrics a major boost. Newsletter Best Practices Plus, well-organized emails help boost your email deliverability.

You also want to make sure you’re. Are you using an appropriate amount of color contrast? Are your fonts big enough? Do your images have alt text? These are things you need to take into consideration.

Look at this engaging from Bezar, which uses bold color blocks to highlight products and information: