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Finding the ideal length for a subject line is an important step in your email marketing, but subject lines are not just about length. In order to see success, you’ll need to leverage general best practices. If you use the same subject line over and over, it won’t excite to Determine the Best your subscribers. So, rather than using “January 2021 company newsletter”, try to get more creative and encourage subscribers to open emails and see the latest and greatest information you have to offer.

Keep subject lines short

Short subject lines tend to win out. As discussed above, research shows around 41 characters is the optimal length for a subject line. Still, some marketing experts suggest going even shorter.

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Backlinko founder Brian Dean says Germany Phone Number Data subject lines which on average have significantly higher open rates. He attributes this to two factors.

First, emails with shorter subject lines are more likely to be delivered. Second, brevity creates an air of mystery.

Per Dean’s thinking, the subject line “Are you available to meet today at 11?” (38 characters) doesn’t have quite the same impact as “Meeting at 11?” (14 characters).

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All in all, keep your character count low when you can. And, imposing character limits for people sending email at your company could be a wise decision, too.

Test your subject lines across devices and clients

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to make sure your subject lines display properly across devices. Sending test emails will help you make sure DM Databases that your to Determine the Best subject line reads well anywhere.Some marketing experts such as Val Geisler to a more casual, personal feel. In that case, you might opt for sentence case or all lowercase for your subject lines.

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