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While mobile optimization has more to do with the code or template you’re using, it has implications for your subject line as well. Different devices will truncate your subject lines differently, and if you don’t test for them, you could end up with some .

Luckily, Campaign Monitor’s  enables you to see previews of your email in over 25 different email clients before sending your campaign to ensure your email looks great in any inbox.

When considering the subject line length that will work best for your marketing emails, consider using data to pinpoint subscriber devices. Integration for Nonprofits Are most of your subscribers opening emails on mobile, or are they sticking to their desktop.

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Campaign Monitor users can easily find this information in your Campaign Monitor account, in the Campaign Reports section under France Phone Number Data Email Client Usage. This will help you optimize your subject line length.

Since most people are viewing emails on iPhones and Gmail, optimize your subject line length to between 41 characters (portrait view on an iPhone) to 70 characters for Gmail. You don’t want a broken experience because your .

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It’s also a good idea to look at which subject lines have garnered high open rates in your past emails.

High open rates can occur because of deals you were offering, the time of day, or the copy and sentiment in the subject line itself.

Still, it’s worthwhile to take a look and DM Databases see if any trends emerge from your and the length of the subject line.

As you craft your email subject lines, remember when and how your subscribers are reading your emails.

If the majority of the opens are happening on iPhones, you’ll want to use shorter email subject lines to get the most impact. Integration for Nonprofits Additionally, keep your offer or CTA at the beginning of your subject line where it’s most likely to be seen. You can also to add more context to your subject lines in the preview pane.

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