Length for Your Email Subject Lines

Use  right in the subject line by including subscriber names. You can use many other personalization options based on subscriber data. Length for Your This data can be collected through your sign-up form, or from other sources likeThis is a powerful subject line because it’s short, asks a question, and ties to previous recipient behavior. Consider doing the same with your emails.You’ll never know what works best without trying different options. So mto find the best one. You can A/B test different lengths and different types of copy to get a good idea of what your email list responds to.

Use emojis when appropriate

While continues, the fact is they’re here to stay. Their judicious use in subject lines can set your emails apart in an inbox with seemingly endless stacked lines of text.

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There are. A majority of companies Greece Phone Number Data do not use them, and this may contribute to the  for emails that employ them. Plus, they create powerful emotive storytelling, perfect for the shorter lines of text on mobile devices.

Though this isn’t strictly related to subject lines, it’s worth noting that using automation in your email strategy is bound to increase your engagement metrics. Even simple automation steps like a are effective ways to grab your subscribers’ list at the time they’re most engaged.

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If you can play off of the timing or context of your automated email in your subject lines, then your results will only get better.

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Wrap up

At the end of the day, the best email subject line length will vary from brand to brand. That means it’s best to test out different lengths to see what works for you.

If you leverage your past data and test your subject lines, you’ll be well on your way to knowing how long email subject lines should be to encourage subscribers to open and take action with your campaigns.

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