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In fact, it is the third highest ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. In SEO, this is known as off-page SEO. But about link building, one thing you should keep in mind. If not done correctly, link building can be detrimental to your website and can lead to penalties, account suspension, etc. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are not violating any policies when linking to your pages. In short, if you are providing an outbound link to a website, make sure it generates genuine and trustworthy content. And if the spam score is low enough. use social networks A successful digital marketing strategy does not omit the use of social media . While social media doesn’t directly affect your website’s ranking like SEO does, it still adds tremendous value to your business. Depending on the types of businesses you are operating, focus on one or two platforms.

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You can start with LinkedIn

You can start with LinkedIn if you are a B2B company, or Instagram if you are focused on B2C. Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons to  France Mobile Number List   your website and emails as this makes it easier for people to share your content! Take a look at social media as well and see which competitors are gaining Facebook followers, YouTube video views, and actively engaging their audiences on relevant forums or networks. Make a note of any advertising you see from them as you do your research; Are they promoting themselves using PPC, retargeting, or banner advertising methods? Do they partner with relevant industry influencers or other sites? By doing this important work, you are building a picture of the traction each competitor has. From here, you can assess how much effort and which channels to explore to reach and surpass them.

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Consistently reuse and update

More speed, more organic traffic Page speed is a vital factor in providing a better user experience. According to a study by SEO software company Moz: 40% of users abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load and 80% of  DM Databases visitors do not return. Slow loading websites cost retailers a lost $2.6 billion a year in sales. Google will lower your site’s ranking if it finds that users are spending less time on your site. The lower your site ranks, the less visibility it will have. Ultimately, this affects your organic traffic as it makes it difficult for users to find your site. More than half of users are using mobile phones to access the internet. And if you don’t provide them with a good experience, it can lead to a huge loss of traffic. Consistently reuse and update old content If you had to choose between two blog posts about building a website.

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