Unilever TV ad accused of greenwashing

Unilever is facing a ban on one of its advertisements , as it does not justify the environmental statements they make about it. It is a spot titled “Real Change” for British television about the detergent Persil. The ad is part of the “Dirt is Good” campaign. This ad highlighted the product’s sustainability credentials. It ends with a statement that points to Persil as “the most respectful of the planet,” as Rebecca Stewart points out for AdWeek .

Must be supported by clear and verifiable justifications

Following a complaint from a viewer, the United Kingdom’s category email list Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the Unilever spot for greenwashing , that is, selling to the public that the product is sustainable when there is no evidence to support that statement and that the brand looks good in this regard even if it is not true. The ASA regulations indicate that environmental claims must be supported by clear and verifiable justifications , standards with which the television spot does not comply.

Unilever calls for the ad to be banned

But the ASA regulations indicate DM Databases that these environmental statements must be clear and supported by justifications. While they acknowledge that Persil is taking action to reduce the environmental impact of its products, there is no evidence to support the claim that Persil is “more planet-friendly” compared to the brand’s previous formula. Therefore, the advertisement cannot be shown in its current form, as the spot could lead the public to incorrect conclusions.

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