The software intended for marketing management

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CRM in the cloud The software

With this type of CRM in the cloud you do not need a large space in your workplace to store all the information in your databases, since they are all collected through the company data server provider that offers you the CRM service .

By not having to buy all the equipment to store your information, the cost of this is much lower, therefore, it is what many businesses use.

Local CRM (in-house)

The CRM is located in the building of the company that chose to use this software for its business.

With this decision, in order to enjoy the program DM Databases the company has to dedicate a physical space to place the servers and must also pay for them and carry out their respective maintenance and possible repairs.

As an advantage, you own the servers and can add personalized specifications that meet the needs of your business so that you can meet the set objective.


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