Work on the Buyer Persona of your project

If you want to better work on the buyer persona of your digital or personal brand project. In this section the tool provides you with very useful data such as:

Now that you know what Similar web is and that there is a free version and a paid version, it is time to tell you what Similar web is for . What is Similar web for? We are more than Are you signing up.

Segmentation by country and geography

Here you will be able to know which countries send the most traffic to your website , and compare with those that send your competition , and see if there is a location that works very well for them and you are not taking advantage of.

 In a future post I will explain how the Pro version works. Who uses Similar web? Similar web is a platform used by professionals who want to carry out a conversion executive data analysis and market study of their website or pages of direct competitors so that they can develop a digital strategy with greater precision and be able to optimize the resources they currently have available. For example, it can be used by: Digital Marketing Consultants. SEO consultants. Bloggers Web analysts, etc. And anyone who has a web project and wants to know interesting data about their project and the competition. 

Audience interests

Another very valid information for working on a DM Databases buyer persona is to know the interests of the audience of our competition and sector, and see if there are interests that they are touching and that work very well for them and that we are not promoting.

Similar website offers this information distributed in:

  • Main categories;
  • Other Websites visited by our audience;
  • And main themes.

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