Recommendations for correctly using an intranet

All medium and large companies receive numerous requests from their prospects through WhatsApp. Dealing with a large flow of messages can take up. A lot of time for the sales team and affect the overall service level. That is why automating messages will be of great help to respond to certain. Requests automatically through a programmed bot. By using a multi-agent system for WhatsApp, like Impulsa Sac you can create default responses. To new requests In this way the bot will respond to the client according.  To your needs and message flow. The bot can also refer the conversation to one or more sales agents so that they can take it back.

Constant comunication Recommendations for

Even though you Efficiently launch are reaching a large number of people, each interaction should feel personal. Generic and spam messages tend to be ignored or, worse yet, create a negative brand perception. Personalization  Therefore, goes beyond simply including the recipient’s name in the message; It’s about creating content that resonates with your audience’s needs company data and wants. Leveraging available data is crucial to achieving this effective personalization. Efficient mass sending platforms through WhatsApp allow you to use prior information about customer interaction with the brand to adapt messages appropriately. Not only does this show that the brand is paying attention to its customers, but the likelih As businesses strive to stand out in a sea of ​​digital information, the ability to launch and master efficient mass mailings on WhatsApp becomes a powerful tool to instantly increase reach. However.As businesses strive to stand out in a sea.

Customize the site

Greater security If your intranet is well designed.It will be secure for your company and workers. Also, they will have the option to share specific information for some users, preventing other employees from reading confidential files. Constant comunication Having a place where company personnel can interact allows you to centralize communication in a unique DM Databases  and ideal environment. The ads you publish will be seen faster. The information will be much more secure. You will be able to share details of a project, defining who you will include. More time Sharing information in a common place gives your employees the opportunity to find everything faster. This way, they will dedicate more time to other company tasks.

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