The story of the lumberjack and the entrepreneur

The story Entrepreneurship is a long-distance race in which only a few are able to reach the finish line. The majority start the race running hard, but as the race progresses they begin to encounter problems. One of the topics that I insist on both to entrepreneurs with their projects and to SMEs with marketing optimization, is that you have to “sharpen the ax before you start cutting down the tree.

Lessons from history of lumberjack for entrepreneurs The story

The story perfectly reflects the beginnings of a project. We usually industry email list start with a lot of strength and enthusiasm, but we do not measure. It reminds me of an old ad that went like this: “Power without control is nothing” (Pirelli ad with Carl Lewis). Something similar happens to us when starting a business. But after the initial frenzy we begin to take some time to think when things don’t go as we expected. We think “What am I doing wrong?” The clearest conclusion after reading the story is that we realized that we had not “sharpened the axe.” But the lessons from this story go much further. 

Learnings from the history of the lumberjack for teams entrepreneur

If we take two steps back and see the story of the woodcutter DM Databases through the eyes of the rest of the people who were present, we find another series of important lessons. Let’s look at each character in the story: Young lumberjack : us when starting the project, regardless of our age, of course! J. Chief lumberjack : we need a person who has a contextual vision of the project, who warns us of our mistakes and guides us (a mentor).

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