How to Measure SEO Performance & Results

If you tried to put together a list of metrics from all resources about SEO topics, you’d easily end up with hundreds of them. It can be overwhelming to make sense of it all. But you only need to focus on a few metrics that really matter for your SEO performance and the results it brings. In this article, you’ll learn about just four SEO metrics that represent all you need to measure your SEO performance properly. On top of that, we’ll also go through multiple ways to measure impact on how your SEO performs. Let’s dive in.

How to measure

SEO performance and results In the big picture, there are only two ways to measure SEO performance and results: organic traffic and the money it makes for the executive data business. There are a lot of nuances involved, so let’s dive straight into three organic traffic metrics followed by conversions the traffic brings. Organic traffic Organic traffic represents all non-paid clicks that come from search engines. We all like to see the organic traffic curve going up, as it’s usually a sign of better performing SEO. But keep in mind that not all organic traffic spikes automatically translate into more sales (unless you monetize your website traffic by displaying ads). The “Search results” report under the Performance tab in.

Google Search Console

Is going to give you the most accurate view of your organic traffic over time. Filtering out these branded queries can be considered. As isolating your SEO performance DM Databases from your overall marketing performance. SEO plays an important role in brand building, but it can’t take. All the credit for it. On top of this, you should also always compare. Your results over time, preferably over comparable time periods. How to Measure To avoid including one period that suffered from a seasonal swing. The easiest way to do this is to click on the Date settings, head over. To the Compare tab, and select a year-over-year comparison for the period you’re investigating.

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