Content Marketing Goals How Many & Which Ones

Typical advice says that there are five to 10 content marketing goals and that you can hit them separately with different types of content. I think there are two mistakes in this approach. First, it mistakes goals for outcomes of. Second, you shouldn’t design to hit only one of those “goals” because it can hurt content quality. In this article, I’ll share a perspective on what’s wrong with the typical model and offer a solution —a slightly more streamlined (and hopefully realistic) approach to content goals.

The problem with

Traditional content marketing goals For years, we’ve been getting used to the same set of  goals. It goes something like this: Sounds familiar? These are the company data traditional marketing goals repeated by countless publications over the years. Surprisingly, these goals were built upon two simple fallacies. 1. Mistaking outcomes for goals In reality, those are not marketing goals; those are outcomes of good . In other words, this is how businesses benefit from creating helpful and enjoyable content. If you’re wondering what the difference is: Imagine that your “goal” is to make content that will generate more leads.

Does that mean you

Can forget about building trust, creating brand awareness, and educating the audience on that same piece of content? And why would someone sign up for your product or DM Databases newsletter if they thought the content was of poor quality? The point that I’m trying to make is that you can’t just pick one of those traditional goals and forget the rest. If you insist on keeping your content about only one of those traditional goals, you risk deteriorating its quality and, as a result, limiting the outcomes. Conversely, good content brings multiple outcomes at the same time. It’s just like working out—it affects the whole body and your mind too. But only if you do it right.

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