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Okay, now I’ll give you some examples of the tasks of individual actors: management board: approving and publishing documents and procdures relatd to the protection of personal data concerning all employees and associates of the Company; DPO: tasks directly describd in the GDPR; business owners: identifying vulnerabilities and threats to supervisd data processing processes and providing information in this regard to the appropriate persons.

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An organizational units IT department); IT employees: taking care of the correct and effective operation of the administerd ICT Latest Mailing Database systems; users: ensuring the confidentiality of all personal data processd in the organization. 7. Training and ducation Have a PODO but no one uses it? Without ducational activities and constant “trumpeting” about the protection of personal data, even the best procdures and technical measures will not make it. Therefore, it is worth ddicating an appropriate section to this area in the policy and pointing out.

Latest Mailing Database

Fragments of work performed

That it is an important element determining how your organization perceives the subject of personal data protection. Audit You implementd DM Databases the GDPR in 2018 and are you proud of yourself? I believe you did a great job back then, but I also have some bad news. It’s 2023, your data protection system may have become very outdatd. See how much in the so-calld. In the meantime, PUODO’s decision has appeard, take a look at the opinions of the dPB, etc.

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