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Creating working conditions In this case, we are talking about creating organizational and economic conditions in which employees can perform their duties normally, namely: only providing or entrusting labor the work stipulat in the contract or job description; properly equipping the workplace (according to and other rules); providing employees with all the necessary means without which it would be impossible to perform their immiate duties; ensuring compliance with the requirements of labor protection and industrial safety; Paying wages; providing equal remuneration opportunities to employees with the same qualifications or holding the same position; organizing additional training for advanc training; fulfilling social security.

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Work incentives Under the encouragement of employees, understand the strengths or achievements of employees, and devote themselves to work wholeheartly. This measure can be appli to individual employees as well as departments, stores, management. The Labor Code specifies the types of incentives available: announcements of thanks; award Luxembourg Phone Number List of certificates of honor or valuable gifts; presentation of titles; cash awards. Job Incentives Job Incentives Information about employee promotions is enter by the Personnel service in the workbook. Note that this list is not final. In different organisations, other types of incentives may be stipulat in collective agreements or other documents.

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Disciplinary action In case of breach of discipline, disciplinary and social influence measures can be taken against employees. It is important to know that an employee cannot be found guilty if. The employer has not creat normal conditions for observing labor discipline. For example, if PPE is not issu, then the employee has nothing to punish, or if the DM Databases actions of an untrain employee lead to an accident or accident, then the employer is to blame because he did not conduct the training on time. Monitoring compliance with labor discipline In order to comply with the company’s level of labor discipline, special formulations are us.

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