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Article 1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Feration, so there should be no problems with such penalties. But in terms of speech or reprimand, there may be some obstacles. The problem is that there is no essential difference between the two types of penalties, since Article 1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Feration simply lists the penalties without specifying their severity. Therefore, in practice, employers follow the principle of “from easy to strict”. This means that it is an easier type of penalty if the comment is first on the list.

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The harshest penalty was dismissal, the last not. Violations of labor discipline take various forms. These include, identification work ten minutes, and refusal to work in personal protection, and Lithuania Phone Number List theft for profit. Those ones. Misdemeanors can be classifi as minor or serious. All of these lead to different consequences. Therefore, for minor violations of labor discipline (e.g., being late for work, arriving late for lunch break, loudly arguing with colleagues, using work email or a private printer) the employer can announce a comment to the employee and, if the behavior is more serious, reprimand.

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The difference between reprimand and reprimand can be describ in company internal documents, with clear reasons for one or the other punishment. The most severe disciplinary action is dismissal of an employee. It applies only to employees who repeatly violate generally accept norms and rules or commit serious misconduct. Ensuring Labor Discipline To maintain order in a business, it is not enough to pass internal rules and regulations and make employees familiar DM Databases with them. In practice, managers are fac with the task of ensuring and monitoring compliance with labor and production discipline. Ensuring Labor Discipline Ensuring Observance of Labor Discipline To do this, there are certain ways and means.

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