According to your expectations

In advance of the development, we carry out an analysis of competitors and the market, so that we can evaluate your current position and take measures that improve your strengths and reuce your weaknesses. 2. Planning: Together we create a suitable strategy Before we start the actual development, we come to an agreement on a suitable strategy. Our designers and developers work closely to determine a strategy that meets your wishes and goals,. We have long and wide experience with the development of Magento online stores, and therefore know which strategies and tactics give the best results in various industries and markets. But we always make sure that the customer is heard and that their unique wishes and goals are fulfille.

Improvement and adjustment

Development We create a shell and work After preparatory work and strategic planning, the actual work begins. Here, a “blueprint” is create, or a blueprint, which is use to visualize the final result. You can give input and will be part of every stage of the database process. We develop digital “mockups” of each page and facilitate testing and adjustment afterwards. If you, the customer, are part of the entire process, the chances are greater that we can deliver a product that lives up to expectations. 4. Presentation: Testing, Once the shell of the online store has been create, it is time to test the product.


While working to improve market position

Here we test the functionality, user interface, content, navigation and everything that builds up the online store. Small details can be decisive and we DM Databases go to great lengths in our own work to optimize every bit. Here you can also take part in testing the online store. Your new Magento online store must be competitive, functional, optimize for the target group, work for your company goals and at the same time reflect the values ​​and culture of the company.

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