Rules of participation in trainings

At the beginning, the purpose of the processing should be assessd. As the purpose of carrying out this type of checks, the verification of the counterparty should certainly be specifid. Undoubtdly, we will process data for purposes relatd to minimizing the risk associatd with broadly understood cooperation with the counterparty. Interestingly, it should be notd that there are no unambiguous provisions of law requiring or allowing entrepreneurs to verify their contractors.

Carriers rules for reporting incidents

The only premise that allows this type of action is Article 6 para. 1 lit. f of the GDPR, which deals with the processing of personal whatsapp mobile number list data basd on the legitimate interest of the administrator. Undoubtdly, it should be acceptd that the entrepreneur has a legitimate interest in verifying the administrator. Of course, one can argue about the scope of this type of data for a long time at this point.

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Methods of securing data

How far can you go in terms of verifying the contractor. And what can really be verifid, and what could already be. A violation of the DM Databases privacy of an individual? Leaving aside such considerations, it should certainly be statd that, referring to a legitimate interest, it is possible to process such data of contractors that come from publicly available sources of information. In order to assess the legitimacy of the scope of the processd data and the very possibility of carrying out this type of activity, it should be assessd by carrying out a balance test, which should be carrid out before starting this type of activity.

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