you can bypass this retention period and retain the data indefinitely?

The only thing you need to do is remember to move this data from Google Analytics to BigQuery .On a regular basis. Better integration with Google Ads If you’re an avid Google Ads user , Google Analytics will be even better for you. With it, you can link any Google Analytics 4 property to Google Ads. You then have the option to import Google Analytics 4 audiences into Google Ads and target each one during paid campaigns. These audiences include predictive audiences. Which are based on the new predictive insights metrics. In Universal Analytics, these predictive metrics did not yet exist. Which made it impossible to introduce such functionality. Disadvantages and cautions with GA4 Early adopters of Google Analytics 4 identified some drawbacks compared to previous iterations of the analytics tool.

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If you intend to migrate to the new system, you should keep in mind each of the mentioned limitations. The most crucial ones include major interface changes and lack of migration support, as well as a limit on custom dimensions  Japan Phone Number List  and metrics, and lack of visualization filters. Lack of data migration You cannot migrate existing data from a Universal Analytics account to a Google Analytics 4 account. The reason for this is differences in how the two calculate and define specific metrics. They do this in two very different ways, which makes the data they store incompatible. While this is a limitation that only affects existing Universal Analytics users, it is significant. To give an example, there is a performance indicator (KPI) called “Users”. In Universal Analytics, the calculation is based on the total number of users who visited a given website. In Google Analytics 4, it focuses on users who visited your site at least once in the last month.

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Custom dimensions and metrics

Custom dimensions and metrics limit Custom dimensions and metrics are special dimensions and metrics that you create in Google Analytics. That way, you can track all the data you want. From email analytics to the number of times users DM Databases  clicked on a specific link. However, you cannot do this freely. Like Universal Analytics, Google Analytics limits the number of custom dimensions and metrics you can create for a single Google Analytics property. Best Ways to Use Google Analytics Reports 4 Understand user behavior The User Flow Report in Google Analytics can help you understand how users interact with your entire site. You can quickly see which pages are the most popular and which pages have the most exits or dropouts. This data can help you identify areas of the site that may need improvement, such as slow load times or confusing navigation. track conversions The Conversions report in Google Analyticsshows you how the marketing efforts you are undertaking are translating into real sales and leads.

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