Ways to Use Instagram Broadcast

Choose the variant that you want to display for this topic. can choose different groups of topics for each video ad variant youve creat. You can also add more signal types from this screen to narrow the targeting for each variant. In the example below one variant has topic and audiencebas signals so it will display bas on both interests and inmarket intent. #5: Export to Google Ads Asset Library Once youve configur the videos variants and rules go to the Review tab to finalize the ads. Click to process each video and then play each

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 Then click the Prepare for Export button. Select the correct Google Ads account and export to the Google Ads asset library. nt15 #6: Launch a b2b email list YouTube Advertising Campaign To finish importing the video ads go to your Google Ads account and open the Labs tab. Click the Ads Creative Studio import button. Then select an import to complete. 16 Check the box next to each variant you want to import to your Google Ads account. If necessary you can it the video titles from this screen. Note that the titles you assign will display

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Will be visible to viewers. Once youve review the titles click Continue to finish the import. ant17 You can upload the videos directly to your YouTube channel unlist) or you DM Databases can upload them to an ad storage channel. If you dont intend for your ads to be visible to the public outside of your target audience the ad storage channel is probably a better option. When the videos finish uploading you can download the data to a CSV file. Make sure to select the appropriate ad type from the dropdown menu. your Google Ads itor dashboard add the missing campaign elements and then bulk import them to Google Ads. rbulkimport19 Alternatively

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