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He witness, as a child, with precocious fascination, the early debacle of the Hungarian commune, the one that for a hundr days dream of the building of socialism in that country. Very young, and after destroying his engineering student records, he embark on the adventure that years later would determine the birth of the Jewish state, and went to Palestine to carry out community work in a kibbutz, as an aspiring pioneer, imbu with the ideals Zionists. After this experience, which was disappointing for him, he convert to communism – yes, he convert: this expression, from what we read in his memoirs, is not figurative – and contribut body and soul to spreading the ideology of reeming collectivism.

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After fervently embracing the ideology of the proletarian revolution initiat in Russia, and before the outbreak of the Second World War, he travel to Spain convuls by the civil war, in 1936, commission by the Communist International, with the purpose of gathering evidence about the aid provid by business email list Hitler’s regime and by Italian fascism to the troops of General Francisco Franco. In the third of his trips, and thanks to his suicidal determination to march towards Malaga, a city one step away from being taken by the Falangist rebels, and at that point already identifi as a spy, He was taken prisoner and sentenc to death.

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He await his execution ninety-five days, after which he was providentially exchang for the wife of a Francoist aviation officer. He would relate this terrifying experience, shortly afterwards, in A Spanish Testament , a book that years later would be republish with profound modifications under the title Dialogue DM Databases with Death.. The final lines of this work, similar to those others that close the introduction of the first volume of his memoirs, have a gloomy tone in view of a world that was already heading towards the abyss. Referring to the end of the war in which the Spanish republicans were defeat by Franco’s fascism, he murmurs:

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