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Why choose dmi? Voice search best practices technical seo focus on spee and mobile-friendliness. A study of 10.000 voice search results by backlinko shows that the time to first byte for a voice search result is significantly shorter than for the average webpage. With google’s “spee update” rolling out for all users now. This should be the first port of call for any mobile or voice search strategy. Search spee: the time to first byte for a voice search result versus the average webpage. Creit: search spee: the time to first byte for a voice search result versus the average webpage. Creit: use structure data on all landing pages.

Why choose dmi

 One sizeable challenge for digital assistants is that they must comb through trillions of pages to identify the special data elements that will answer a user’s query. Structure data. Taken from the standard. Helps a search engine to navigate code and understand its contents. Experiment with new data formats. Google supports the speakable structure data element which is useful when asking for specific topics and news relate to a particular brand or event. In google’s words: “in order to fulfil news queries with results people can count on. We collaborate on a new structure data specification calle speakable. For eligible publishers to mark up sections of a news article that are most relevant to be read aloud by the google assistant.” the application of this format is limite for now. 

Early movers will seize the advantage in this field

spccial data

But it’s not difficult to imagine a future where digital assistants read content directly from all landing pages. Early movers DM Databases will seize the advantage in this field become a world class digital marketer content marketing when it comes to voice search. The area it can have a huge impact is in content marketing. It can help you to: create conversational content – voice search lends itself naturally to dialogue. Which should be factore into content strategy. Identify common questions or pain points in your industry and. Quite simply. Answer them better than anyone else does. Write for intent states. Not keywords – voice search queries tend to be much more varie than their type counterparts. As such. Trying to target individual queries within content is a challenging and unnecessary approach. Search engines want to satisfy user intent.

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