Voice Search Best Practices

Google reports that people are increasingly searching for queries using words such as ‘me’. ‘my’ and ‘i’. As an indicator of the modern consumer’s requirements from online content. This is very telling. People would only ask these questions if they expect the answer to be personalize and unique to them. These searches are typically carrie out by voice. Rather than text. Once more. This points to the difference between voice search and traditional search. Consumers are treating digital assistants as exactly that. A personal helper to get things done quicker and easier than before. We expect the assistant to ‘know’ us. Another question that is often raise is just how genuine the commercial opportunity is for voice search.

A 2017 study from iprospect reveale

A 2017 study from iprospect reveale that while people preominantly use voice search to get information. Such as weather latest database forecasts. Or enable actions like turning on lights and playing music. They are also using them to find stores. Research and purchase. Moreover. The distinction between voice search on mobile and with a smart home device is rather marke. This is perhaps to be expecte. Given that we carry mobile devices with us and they have screens. Whereas home devices tend not to. But it does bring important implications for brands. Mobile phone screens provide a canvas on which to display choice and information.

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While a home device must deliver one. Authoritative answer. And the ecommerce sector is taking note as DM Databases walmart acquire conversational ai-startup botmock. And partnere with google to allow customers add items to their virtual shopping cart through google assistant. Target and carrefour also struck such deals with google. And ocado has partnere with amazon to create a similar experience through alexa. From this. We can start to understand the drivers – both technological and human – that have seen voice search grow so rapidly.

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