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You can create campaigns manually from your Google Ads dashboard using the video variants you produc. Start a new video ad campaign or generate a new ad for an existing campaign. At the ad level paste the URL for the video to import it instantly. Note that when you use this manual setup any audience signals i.e. rules) you set up wont copy over so youll ne to select them directly. llypasteurl20 #7: Trim Videos and Add Voiceovers Ne to make minor its to your YouTube video ads You can make small adjustments in the Google Ads asset library which can help you save time and avoid going back and forth between Ads Creative Studio

And Google Ads

For example you may want to shorten a longer video so it works as a bumper ad. Go to your Google Ads asset library open the Video menu and choose Trim Video to 6s or b2b leads Less. Select a video thats link to your Google Ads account or copy and paste the URL from your YouTube account. Then let Google Ads generate 6second versions automatically. You can review each option and choose the most effective one. ons22 Alternatively you can it any of the options manually. Google Ads trim tool lets you stitch multiple clips

Together to create

The optimal video so its much more advanc than a standard trim tool. Once youre finish iting save the video and add it to a campaign. lly23 If your video nes more engaging audio select the Add a Voiceover DM Databases option from the menu instead. Since Google Ads generates the voiceover for you theres no ne to speak. Just select a video and input a script. Choose from the tone of voice options set the spe and adjust the volume. For longer or more complex voiceovers divide the message into several sections and adjust the timing so they

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