Understanding the Value of Time in Islam

This alternation of day and night is a reminder from God that nothing is permanent and this cycle will never stop.

Other words from Abu Bakr bin Ayyash who said:

If a dirham falls from the hand of one of them, you will find that person will complain about it all day long, ‘My dirham is gone’. But when he wasted his hours, he never said, ‘Oh my life is lost!’

And to appreciate, we must understand the following things:

So this should make us more grateful for the time given to us and we should not arbitrarily let time pass by like that.

To understand the value of time we must appreciate it first

2. Time is so important that God swears by it in the Quran
For the sake of time! Verily man is in loss – Except Latest Mailing Database for those who believe and do righteous deeds, and they preach the truth and preach patiently.

Allah swears by asr – that is time – because of its greatness because in it good and bad things happen, health and sickness, wealth and poverty, and because of its value and how precious it is that it cannot be measured by anything else.

Two blessings that many people lose Health and free time to do good things

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Sheikh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah commented on this DM Databases hadith in his book The Value of Time by saying:

Time is a Precious Gift and a Great Gift. The Value of Which is Only. Achieved and Utilized by Successful and Guided People.

Because a Wise Man is a Man Who is Aware of His Time; if Time is Lost. Then He Will Lose All Interest. Because Interest is Derived From Time, and When Time is Lost, It Cannot Be Regained”

The Time Given to Us in This World. Is the Entire Time We Have to Plant the Seeds. Of Good Deeds in the Hope That We Will Reap the Rewards of Goodness. In the Afterlife.

This time is limited and cannot be repeated, exchanged or given to others.

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