How to Build Good and Productive Habits

The little things we do determine success or failure:

The habits we build consistently will determine whether we live a great life or a mediocre one (otherwise, a failed life).

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or shortcut to solve our problems.

Productivity is a process.

Real Change is Built on the Small Decisions. We Make Every Day That Help Us Be Productive.
We Are Faced With These Decisions. Every Day, but Usually They Are Not Decisions We Make Consciously.

Most of the Time. Our Habits Make the Decisions for Us.

A scholar was asked about how he was always present in the mosque

He Replied, “this is a Character. Which I Have Database Cultivated Since. My Youth and Which I Have Not Abandoned in My Old Age.”

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A Study Conducted by Duke University in 2005 Showed That 40 Percent. Of Human Daily Actions Are Habits. Rather Than Conscious Decisions.

This Can Be Bad News and Good News.

It’s Good News if We Can Develop Productive Habits.  We Will Always Do the Right Things on ‘autopilot’ Every Day.

But It Will Be Bad News. However, If We Haven’t Built the Right Habits. We Will Need Effort and Awareness to Change Them.

It Takes Time, but It’s Not Impossible.

This article will discuss the latest theories regarding habits and creating an automatic routine for all of us.

This article is taken from the book The Productive Muslim written by Mohammed Faris

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What Does Habit Mean?

— the habit is our automatic act.

We don’t think about it, we just do it automatically.

Habits are our brain’s way of being lazy or ‘efficient’ as brain experts say


Repeated actions ‘save’ our brains from having to DM Databases make decisions in everything we do.

Thinking fast and slow, Prof. However, Daniel Kahnemen.
Imagine how distracted we would be if every morning we had to think about which road we should take to get to work.

Or how we should drive our cars.

Habits and routines will free our minds from tedious work, and only prepare for more important functions.

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