God Almighty Create an Intention Journal

When My servant intends that he should do a good deed but he does not do it, I record for him one good deed, but if he does it, I record for him ten good deeds. If he intended to do evil, but he did not do it, I forgive him. But if he does, I record a crime against his name.

Note, God does not punish a person for the result of his actions.

This is because the results are not in our hands, no matter how much we try.

Let’s say we want to build a religious school in our local community. We have good intentions and we have worked hard.

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However due to unforeseen circumstances our efforts did not work

We had to abandon the project.

Therefore, we are not rewarded for our intentions and actions Phone Number List but we will not be judged for the results that occur if they are beyond our control.

The conditions are easy:
— Take care of our intentions and actions, leave the results in God’s hands

Understanding these conditions is very important for us to live productively and without stress.

How many times have we stopped being productive just because we were worried about results?

“I can’t carry out this project because it’s too big”

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Focus on intentions and actions, then leave the results in God’s hands.

He will bless us with results beyond our expectations.

Write down all the intentions for the actions we want to take.

Always look at this journal to refresh our intentions and make sure we are still on track

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It is a good reminder to ask ourselves: What is my DM Databases intention in doing all this?”

Explain Our Intentions
Next to the list of things we need to do, write why we dedicate time and effort to each action / meeting / appointment.

It may help to eliminate actions that are not in line with our focus and motivation.

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Make sure that intention becomes a reality
Realize our every action and don’t worry about the results.

This article is taken from the book The Productive Muslim written by Mohammed Faris.

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