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The use of key performance indicators allows not only to monitor the current state indicate by a given KPI. Taking appropriate measurements also makes it possible to analyze information from the past. This allows you to understand the reasons that influence the current state and plan appropriate actions for the future. Marketing instruments – the power of synergy December 1, 2020 Marketing strategy Commplace PR agency Marketing instruments are tools use not only in the process of acquiring customers.

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The key word here is “process” – marketing involves a series of activities that can help a company achieve its goals. And these can be different. How do marketing instruments help to get them? Let’s check. Basic marketing instruments 4P among phone number list marketing instruments Marketing tools Marketing tools Marketing instruments on the services market Marketing tools What to consider when choosing marketing instruments? The company’s goal may be attracting, acquiring and retaining customers, increasing sales and profits and/or strengthening the brand image.

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Marketing instruments are changing along with marketing, which is a living and dynamic field. This is evidence by the evolution of the concept over time. However, the fundamental basis of marketing is still the 4P concept, on which every marketing DM Databases campaign should be base. I think every public relations agency would agree with that. Which marketing instruments to use? We will advise the best solution. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Basic marketing instruments The concept of marketing mix 4P, which was create over 60 years ago, assumes that marketing consists of four basic elements.

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