How to Automate Vulnerability Management

Therefore, Reputed VM experts use CVSS or Common Vulnerability Scoring System to identify, prioritize and classify cyber vulnerabilities. Real-time evaluation of identified vulnerabilities. All identified (and classified) vulnerabilities are then evaluated according to the degree. Of harm they can cause the business in question. Real-time verification of identified vulnerabilities – all evaluated vulnerabilities. Will be verified whether they pose a real threat to the venture or not. The IT infrastructure will be subjected to penetration tests using the vulnerabilities as a backdoor in a bid to verify the damaging effects of the vulnerability.

Automated prioritization

Therefore, Automated prioritization of threats should be normalized. This can be carried out by tightening the integration between back-end systems like asset or change databases. The outcome of this company data step is that it would provide prioritization insights. And at the same time close feedback loops. These reports are vital and act as a reference for VM experts who use these reports to formulate pertinent security responses for future cyber security concerns. How to automate vulnerability management? The process of automating VM consists of the following steps – Automated data aggregation and data correlation.

How to Automate ticketing

There should be a system where the tickets are automatically opened and the appropriate actions are automatically assigned to the right VM expert. At the same time, the system DM Databases should ensure that. When the threat is neutralized, the ticket is closed automatically. The outcome of this step Therefore, is simple – the overall efficiency of the VM solution will increase by many folds. Generating detailed reports of remediated vulnerabilities – After the verified vulnerabilities are mitigated with follow-up sessions to ensure that the newly established vulnerability mitigation protocols are holding, detailed reports describing the steps taken and the vulnerabilities identified are created. Vulnerabilities as a backdoor in a bid to verify the damaging effects of the vulnerability.

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