Create a Meta Description and Invest in Internal Links

It appears below the Title Tag and its content must be short, attractive and informative. Create a Meta The objective is that, upon reading the meta description, the user becomes interested in the material and accesses the website. From there, the goal is to keep you on the site so you can access more content. An important technique for this objective is internal linking . By associating other pages on your website with the words used in the article, you increase the visitor’s chances of staying.

What Are the Main Plugins Available Create a Meta

The current offer on the email database market is really wide. If we talk about popularity, Yoast SEO stands out among the rest. The number of active users exceeds 5 million and the average evaluation. Made by more than 25 thousand people, is 5 stars. Do you remember that we are mentioning the titles and meta description as a fundamental part of the SEO of a website? Well yes! This plugin offers. Models that can be easily used, even by those who do not have much knowledge on the subject.

All in One SEO Pack

When we talk about the first plugins DM Databases focused on WordPress SEO , there is no doubt that All in One SEO Pack is also one of the most popular. As its name suggests, the proposal is to encompass everything that is important for SEO in a single plugin. It stands out for its simple and highly intuitive interface , which makes it an excellent option for beginners. In addition, it is possible to alter the settings and reduce the program’s automatic responsibilities, leaving the user freer to make their own alterations.

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