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API Rest is the set of good practices used in HTTP requests made by an API in a web application. The Performance Understand how this technology works. What types of APIs exist and their importance on a website. It’s about understanding how to use HTTP requests. Within specific guidelines, as they are responsible for consistently mapping the elements of a web application. Understanding this topic is important, since this technology is used to facilitate communication. Between a back-end application and different forms of front-end presentations, that is, it is essential for the development of cross-platform applications .

What Types of Apis Exist The Performance

that can be used freely. The company often makes email leads them available so developers. Can integrate with other applications. There is a wide variation in the ways APIs are used. Social networks , for example, provide an API that can be used on other sites to retrieve information from a page. There are several WordPress plugins that access social networks through. Them and transform the result of this interaction into small visualizations of the current state of the corresponding page . Thus, if a user wants to like the page, for example, it is not necessary for them to leave the original site for this action.

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What is API Rest for

When you click the Like button, there is an API DM Databases call to complete this operation. To make this possible, social networks provide a token with proper authorization so that API can access the information. Like social networks, APIs are also used on ecommerce sites to access payment intermediaries and complete purchase transactions. Therefore, the API serves to communicate between applications to exchange information quickly and securely . One of the most important factors when using a website with Rest API is the ease of communication with other applications.

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