Important is the Rest API to the Company Website

Interfaces allow you to add functionality or information to the website in a simple, fast and secure way. Important is In this way, it is possible to create websites or applications in the cloud to access data from more robust systems, such as ERPs, regardless of the platform from which the data originates. This function allows companies to access updated information much more quickly . The features of the Rest API architecture provide a number of benefits to applications that use this concept.

Important is Separation Between Client and Server

One of the advantages of using the Rest API top people data model is the. Separation between front-end and back-end applications. This is important to protect data storage, since there is no processing of business rules. That is, information is only exchanged to retrieve data, or to insert or delete new records. Due to the client/server separation, there is much more ease during application development. This is because it can be easily scaled as there is no. Difficulty in binding resources. As each request is made uniquely and independently, it is possible to change. A request to another DNS , without interfering with the application.

More Visibility Reliability and Scalability

HTTP requests made in the Rest API return DM Databases data in JSON format. It is worth mentioning that there are other possible return formats, such as XML , however, JSON is the most used. Therefore, most sites that work with this model receive this data format. This feature is essential for cross-platform application development . This is because, by receiving the data in this format, the front-end layer of the application is able to carry out the appropriate processing to display the results according to the type of device used.

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