How to Get High-Quality Backlinks With the TRUST

Back in 2016, I wrote about how maps were the visual format you should be using for link building in… 2016. And I showed how simple maps like this… Building trust with Google Google’s algorithm is a complex beast. Are there 200 ranking factors? 300? Honestly, these days there are probably thousands. And with RankBrain, the factors influencing search results can even vary from query to query. But one thing’s for sure: If you want to get more search traffic, you need to gain Google’s trust. Links are a big part of that. In case you don’t know: DR: stands for How to Get “Domain Rating” and is the overall authority/strength of a website, taking into account its entire backlink profile.

Stands for Rating

And is the strength of an individual URL, factoring in its direct backlinks (and some authority from the site). So what does this mean? Technically, a link from a page with executive data a higher UR could pass more immediate “link juice”, even if it’s on a site with a lower DR. This seems a little confusing, so here are two examples: First, we have a link from a DR91 site. We can see the linking page has a UR of 31. If you’ve ever sent out cold outreach emails, you’ll know it can be a soul-destroying process. 100 emails, 5 responses, 1 link (if you’re lucky)… ugh. Pitching to journalists is particularly difficult. You can bet their inboxes will be flooded each day with marketers desperate for attention. So how can we make it easier and improve our hit rate?

How to Get type your

Main keyword/topic into Google news… I’m sure a mixture of golf and Donald Trump could make for some interesting content! So which topic did I choose? Well, if you’re a DM Databases golf fan (or maybe even if you’re not), you’ll know that Tiger Woods is finally back hitting balls again. And you guessed it, the press can’t get enough of Tiger… So this one was a no-brainer. On to step 2. Step 2: Find Some Interesting Data Related to Your Topic There are a ton of places to get free data on the web. Here’s a list of over 100. The trick is to take that data, analyze it, and find a unique insight. In this case, I worked backwards. I wanted to create a map. And I wanted that map to show a Tiger-related stat for each State in the USA.

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