Development processes that are rushed

Rushed testing Development processes that are rushed, incomplete, or not according to standard procedures can cause bugs to appear. This is due to a small technical error that was missed in the testing process, affecting other system components and causing damage.
Error code in Complex Program. The More Complex a Software, The Higher The Potential for Bugs to Appear. Usually Complex Software Involves Urrently and Involves Many Programmers. Errurs in One Code Can Greatly Affect The OveralLall Operation of the Software.

Undocumented Code Changes

Code changes to the coding process Nigeria Phone Number List need to be documented so that other contributing programmers know and don’t continue with the original code. Errors in the code can not only cause different output but also crash programs due to bugs.
Types of Bugs
what are bugs
In software development, there are several bugs that often appear. For example, such as syntax errors, functional errors, or logic errors. Do you know what a logic error bug is? The following is a complete explanation along with information on other types of bugs:

1. Functional Error
This type of bug has a fairly broad category. Functional error disturbances include various problems that disrupt the system functionality of the software. It could be unresponsive buttons or problems using other applications

2. Usability defects
As the name suggests, this bug causes users to be unable to use a program to the fullest. Usually, this bug is caused by a complicated UI design that makes it difficult for users to use or find its function.

3. Performance defects
What are performance defects bugs? This type of bug affects various performance of a program. For example, such as speed, response time , stability, and so on.

4. Syntax Error
This type of bug appears in the source code of a program. Syntax errors cause the software to not compile properly so that the development process is hammered.

Building a Good Communication Pattern

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5. Security Error
This is a dangerous bug. Bug security errors DM Databases appear on the security system of a program. These types of bugs can open security holes for data theft, cracking, or program corruption.

6. Compatibility Error
This type of compatibility error is defined as a bug that causes a piece of software to not run properly in certain situations. Compatibility errors usually appear when you open old applications on an updated operating system.

7. Logic Error
Apart from Syntax errors, logic errors can also appear in the software source code . The cause of the emergence of this bug is the use of the wrong code resulting in the wrong output.

How to Prevent and Overcome Bugs
what are bugs
Then, what can be done to prevent bugs from appearing? There are several ways that can help you to prevent or overcome bugs. Here are the steps:

In all jobs, especially software development , communication is important. To develop a program smoothly requires good communication from all parties involved. This is so that every member who finds a problem can report it so that the problem does not interfere with

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