Called Often Makes Errors What is a Bug How to handle it

Bug is an English word that means small insect. That’s about what is meant by a bug . The term bug means small-scale technical damage that disrupts the running process of a program. Initially, this term originated from the experience of a technician named Grace Hopper. When Grace was developing computer technology, she encountered obstacles and said that one of the causes of her project’s failure was the presence of bugs or insects in computer components.

Usability defects performance defects

Since then, the term bug has been used to Venezuela Phone Number List describe technical glitches in a computer system. Until now, the term bug is still being used to describe various technical defects in the field of software development. The presence of a bug prevents the application from functioning normally. Bugs cause several fairly common problems, such as applications that suddenly freeze or hang , device screens that turn blue or black, or applications that close on their own. A well-known example of a bug is a bug in a Windows presentation attended by Bill Gates. This bug is known as the Blue Screen of Death. At that time a bug caused a blue screen to appear in the middle of the Windows 98 presentation process.

How to Prevent and Overcome Bugs

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  • Bad communication . Both website DM Databases and program development involve many parties and are a long process. In its development, each party needs to communicate properly so that technical errors do not occur. There are technical errors that are not detected and instead cause interference with other features or the program fails to operate.
  • Rushed testing . Development processes that are rushed, incomplete, or not according to standard procedures can cause bugs to appear. This is due to a small technical error that was missed in the testing process, affecting other system components and causing damage.
  • Error code in complex program . The more complex a software, the higher the potential for bugs to appear. Usually complex software involves a lot of code running concurrently and involves many programmers. Errors in one code can greatly affect the overall operation of the software .

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