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There are several options, including: modem communication, (transmits signals over normal telephone lines), coaxial cable with a center conductor and outer braid (allows transmission of high frequency signals, especially for television), Ethernet or twist pair, It consists of several twist pairs. The methods list vary in the distance over which the signal travels. Information Transmission Technology Information Transmission Technology Optical Fiber: Signal transmission occurs when a laser beam passes through a transparent optical fiber with specific properties, while the light cannot leave the optical fiber and travel a distance of several kilometers, where it is amplifi and transmitt further.

Computer Networks Are David Into

The material is capable of transferring large amounts of data at high spes. These fibers make up thick cables that can be laid over long distances and can even transmit data to another continent; Bluetooth Bahamas Phone Number List signals are transmitt wirelessly using radio waves at a frequency ( ) specifically designat for this purpose; in this way, the signal can be transmitt in a local network Dozens of meters. Network protocols: what they are us for and how they are arrang Read also Network protocols: what they are us for and how they are arrang More Satellite technology: Signals are transmitt via satellite and from there to the end user; feback is done using standard technologies (, fiber optics).

Information Storage Network

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Currently, it doesn’t matter which channel the signal travels through the computer network. On the way to its destination, information may pass through sections that combine wir, optical and wireless technologies. Switch Two types of switching are us in computer networks: circuit switching and packet switching. In the first case, you ne to DM Databases connect the source to the destination before you start sending information. When communication is establish, information is transmitt over dicat channels. This technology is us for telephone connections. If there is a problem in any area, the connection will be sever and signal transmission will stop.

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