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Imagine that one person is sitting on the other side of the table when you start writing. When you write a post for one person, your text is much more personal…” (actually, now that I wrote this, it even sounds arrogant to my ears…) 3) Quality is more important than quantity Nothing drives away readers faster than a pointless post.  not interested in what you had for breakfast or when was the last time you went to Starbucks for coffee.

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Giving tips in connection with such posts is fine, but think about it from this angle for a moment: How many breakfast posts with recipes can special data you read? And when there are already hundreds if not thousands of those breakfast recipes on blogs, what makes your breakfast special and unique? Why should a reader take a few minutes to read about your breakfast? Instead of breakfast, could you write about how much your everyday life has become easier or changed since you started eating a healthy breakfast? Or how much faster and more efficient your mornings are when you have a healthy breakfast. content, always think about the end result from the reader’s point of view. Yes, the blog is yours, but if you want readers other than your mother and sister, you have to write to the reader. Now you know how to get readers to your new blog.

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