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Well. Now that these most embarrassing mistakes are out of the way, here are some practical tips for getting readers to your new blog. 1) Writing is 20% and marketing 80% If you spend two hours writing a blog post, you should spend 8 hours marketing the post. I know it sounds like a lot, but these 8 hours are spread evenly throughout the week. Time passes e.g. for making and scheduling various social media posts. As scheduling programs, you can use the free Buffer or Hootsuite or the paid MeetEdgar. To Twitter…. blog? To Facebook…  my new blog? To Instagram… How can I get more readers to my new blog? And to Pinterest How can I get more readers to my new blog? on, the more content you should share.

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 If at this point the work already feels too big, you should think about whether you need to be on every social media channel. I recommend latest database in the Blogger to Professional™ training that everyone should have one main channel and two supporting social channels in use. Either you read this: 123 ideas how to get more readers to your blog in 2022 Why do you have to spend so much time on marketing? Because you want to stay in people’s minds as versatile and long-term as possible. People will simply forget about your blog unless you can make an unforgettable first impression. And it rarely succeeds. thousands of stimuli.  publication templates, e.g.

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with Canva plan a week’s marketing calendar share posts on different social media channels according to the plan 2) Write for one person, not the masses The younger the age group of your blog’s reader, the more personal writing he needs. Imagine that one person (even your best friend) is sitting on the other side of the table when you start writing a post. When you write to one person, the DM Databases text is much more personal and intimate. This is how I act too. Doesn’t the text seem harder to read when I’m writing to you? If I wrote to everyone, the tone of the text would change substantially.

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