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Be brave, eat rock and move on, said grandma in the snow! *Publish* Then I went to update the stats. I updated and updated. But the number of readers was neither seen nor heard. Well, now, after years, I do understand where the problem was, but at the beginning, when everything was new and wonderful, I didn’t understand these things yet. By reading this post: you will get a memo list on how to get readers to your new blog (no need to join the email list) you will get 3 effective strategies for acquiring readers (no technical skills required) you avoid the most embarrassing mistakes that a beginner blogger usually makes blog? To begin with, let me tell you a few embarrassing mistakes that newbie bloggers (usually) always make.

How do you get readers to your new

1) Readers find their way to the blog like a miracle If I set up a boutique in your hometown today but I don’t tell anyone about it and I don’t announce new data the opening in the press or on social media, will you come shopping? Also read this: 123 ideas how to get more readers to your blog People won’t know you have a blog if you don’t tell anyone. You can easily start a blog, edit its appearance and write a few posts, and then share your blog on social media. 2) Readers will engage with your blog even if you have written one 300-word welcome post Let’s continue with the boutique example. and pop in out of curiosity. However, the boutique has only one single piece of clothing for sale. Will you visit me again tomorrow? you should have 5 to 15 posts written on the blog before you start promoting it on social media. comprehensive picture of what you are writing about the first time.

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You want them to spend more than 5 seconds on your blog. And you want him to have some reason to come back tomorrow too. 3) When you talk about yourself, you only talk about “bad” things from side to side Okay. I have been able to assure you that more clothes are coming to my boutique. You know where my boutique is. And you will visit again tomorrow. When you walk in the door, let me tell you a little about myself: “Yeah, well, I set up this boutique, when everyone else did, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it and what kind of clothes I’m going to bring here, but I wonder if you’ll come again, won’t you find everything DM Databases possible between earth and heaven here in the future too !” I know that we Finns are a modest people. But the more you downplay yourself and your blog, the less people will be interested in it.

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