Webize by default uses WinSCP to set up FTP accounts

Webize by default uses WinSCP to set up FTP accounts. Then, how do you create an FTP account on Webuzo using WinSCP? Follow the steps below;

Login to Webuzo Enduser Panel

The first thing you have to do is login to your Thailand Phone Number List Webuzo Enduser Panel account. After being able to log in, switch to the file transfer protocol, or FTP menu. There you will find 4 options, namely Manage FTP, Add FTP Account, Web FTP, and FTP Connections.

From the Add FTP Account sub menu, later you will be asked to fill in a few rows of the available fields. All you have to fill in are Login, Password, Quota, and Directory. If everything is filled in, click “Create Account”.

How to find FTP User details

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After the FTP account has been created, what you DM Databases can do next is immediately find out the details of your FPS account. You can click Manage FTP to see it. There you can see the FTP accounts you have previously created, as well as their details. Among others, such as username, directory, usage, and quota.

Login WinSCPNow, you can open the WinSCP application and login to WinSCP using your Webuzo account. More or less like in the picture below.

To add an FTP User on Webuzo, you can do it through the Webuzo Enduser Panel. After logging in, select Features, then enter the FTP Account. For example, as in the image below.

The steps you have to go through yourself are quite easy. First, you only have to fill in the blank form provided. What you have to enter include;

Login: In the login field, you can enter your username.

Password: You must enter a password to create an FTP User.

Quota: Fill in the specifics of your FTP quota.

Directory: This directory is useful for accessing all kinds of files in your FTP account.

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