To open files on the internet you can’t get physical access

To open files on the internet you can’t get physical access like that. Therefore you have to use the URL to find out the location of the file.

A URL is neither a site address nor a site name. The site name is known as the domain. In the URL structure you can actually find the domain name in it. Besides having a domain name, you can also find other components in the URL In its application, the URL has several functions. What kind of URL is used on the internet? Here are some of them:

Name the document . The first use of a URL is

To provide the name and location of a Benin Phone Number List document stored on the website.
Easy access to documents . URL helps users to identify and access documents with proper URL address. Given that there are so many addresses on the internet, URLs can shorten the process of finding document addresses more easily.
Makes it easy for users to remember addresses . Users can remember file location addresses or web pages easily using URLs, especially if they recognize their structure.URLs are divided into two types, namely Absolute URLs and Relative URLs. The striking difference between the two types is the format of the arrangement.

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1. Absolute URLs
Absolute URL types have a standard arrangement format. This full URL address is accompanied by the domain name and its directory on the internet. Absolute URLs consist of a domain-directory-document format. For example,In contrast to absolute URL types, relative URLs do not have a standard arrangement format. Then what is a relative URL like?

Relative URL refers to an address according to the URL that is currently active or currently open. For this reason, these URLs are usually shorter and only show the document name.

When you’re opening a file on the internet you can usually find this type of URL. Taking from the same example as in the absolute URL example above, in the relative URL version it becomes image.jpg .
As already mentioned in the previous definition of what is a URL, it is known that URLs have several constituent components. The URL structure is governed by the URL syntax, which is a mandatory set of rules for URLs. Some of the parts in the composition include:

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However, actually the website host or owner

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Is free to use any word in this section. Some DM Databases website users use subdomains that indicate special directories such as blog , news , support , and others.
The next section is the domain name . This is the name of the destination website address. The domain name contains the website name and the domain extension used. One website can only have one name and domain extension. This is because the domain name represents the IP address to the website server.
What are URL paths? Usually this section is also called Path to resource . The path is located after the domain name, immediately after the domain extension, and is delimited by a slash symbol. This is the folder structure found on a website.

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Path serves to provide additional information in the form of the specific location of the file that the user wants to search for . This section usually redirects to a specific page, file, or post. In a URL, you can find not only one path.

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