The fact that the tool will provide detaile information

What common devices are being aske to visit your site. And how they are finding it. You can also fix errors on the website and even link your analytics with the search console tool . Set up google search console as a webmaster to start using the search console tool. You will first nee to add your website(s) and verify your ownership of those sites through a verification tag or other ways that we will explain shortly. Google is very particular when it comes to proving its ownership of the website due to. The fact that the tool will provide detaile information and information about your site through it.

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Adding your website is a simple

Process where you enter your website url and Sweden WhatsApp Number List click the “ add property ” button. It will then ask you to verify your site . Where you can choose from several ways. Either by uploading an mtml file . Adding an html tag. Syncing with the domain name provider. Or using google tag manager. These options don’t nee to be overwhelming. But they are the recommende and safest ways to get through the verification process.

Choose the ones that are easiest for

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You to do and are the quickest to achieve. All you nee India WhatsApp Number List to do is provide what they ask for. And they will surely give you instructions to serve as step-by-step guides on how to get going. Know your sections and manage your settings and preferences google search console settings once you have complete the verification process. You will land on the search console dashboard where you will see the “current status” of your website with crawl errors.

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