The calculator then assumes scores ranging from good

As well as from the moment the pages have fully loade. The calculator then assumes scores ranging from good. Meium. Or poor. Which should determine how well the page is optimize. Perhaps. The latest addition of the tool to calculate your site spee is the product of grow with google project. Which is the test my site tool. It’s also an easy tool to navigate. And does the same job as pagespee ​​insights where you just nee to type in your url.

And it will evaluate and analyze your site

Once it is done scanning. It will show you the results Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List of your 3g load time and the estimate percentage of visitors lost due to load time. You can choose to download the free report. Or you may also have the option to compare your website to other artists in the industry. There are many optimization ways and tips you can learn from these free google tools to help your website deliver its optimal performance. While several factors affect the spee of your website on the move.

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Google states that improving mobile spee

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Does not guarantee increase revenue. However. A slow Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List loading website certainly affects the traffic and ranking of a revenue generating site. Google search console search console google tools google search console . Formerly known as google webmasters tools (gwt). Is one of google’s free tools that allows you to know your website behavior and the people who visit it through the search engine. You can also use the tool to find out how many people are visiting your site.

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