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It is forme online in the form of . Loss of self-employment status Loss of self-employe status Loss of self-employe status If the status is lost while providing services to the organization, the client will not receive a receipt for the operation and will be force to pay personal income tax and other contributions. Therefore, labor law consultants suggest to be vigilant and notify clients of the loss of self-employe status in advance to avoid unpleasant situations. One phone call is enough.

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If you ne to lose status, for whatever reason, you should do it yourself. Here are the steps to follow for the application example: Click on the first and last name on the application home page; Select the Profile tab; Press the Remove from registration button; Select a reason from the list; Click to remove yourself from the register ; In the window UAE Phone Number List that opens with your data, click the OK button. New Rules for Social Networking: How to Advertise and Maintain Your Page Now Leave a Comment Save Article: What are the rules? They have been in force since , and new rules for working in social networks have come into force since.

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The first change will affect officials to a greater extent, the second is advertisers who post their offers on . How will they work? With the release of the ad in , now you have to get a little confus. Collect packages, modify settings in personal accounts of social networks. However, no fatal complications were foreseen. What are these rules and how will the lives DM Databases of officials in social networks change, read our material. The article says: Social Networks in the Legal Sense New Rules for. Social Networks and New Social Mia Advertisement Rules Rules for Marking. Ads on by Different Market Participants Take the exam and find. A out which field is right for you: , Design or Marketing.

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