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Create receipts for clients in the My Tax app and simply print or send them electronically in the future. When working through a freelance platform or taxi aggregator, no checks are require. Increase customer confidence. The presence of checks increases the state of reliability, which generates loyalty and demand for services. Disadvantages of self-employment: Profit limitations. If the annual business income exces 10,000 yuan, then the system has to be change. Lack of job opportunities. All activities must be conducti exclusively by you.

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If you ne expert services, you can enter into a contract. Unlike officially employee people, vacation, sick leave, and any other social security is not their due. The law does not mandate that insurance Phone Number List premiums be paid for the self-employee. This means that in the absence of a duction, there will be no seniority during the event. Organizational Benefits of Working with the Self Employer If an organization enters into an agreement with an individual, it is responsible for paying taxes, which can create certain difficulties for this type of interaction scheme. Collaboration is much easier when citizens have self-employe status, as performers will pay all tax ductions themselves.

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It is for this reason. Most large companies prefer to work with self-employe individuals. Here are some positives when working with organizations that have self-employe citizens: There is no ne to register one with the state and reap the attendant benefits in terms of time spent searching and maintenance costs. Employees have no social contribution. Employers only pay for work done. Benefits of working with the self-employe for organizations Benefits of working with the self employe for DM Databases organizations Tax costs are borne by the contractor. Help is automatically save to your device. contains information about the taxpayer (name, passport details, registere address, date of registration and deregistration) and is certifie by an electronic signature from the Feral Tax Office.

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