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Free from Social networks in the legal sense Russian legislation defines social networks as Internet sites, information systems or programs with which users can create personal pages and publish various publications there. At the same time, the Advertising Law stipulates that the following conditions must be observ: Such a platform should have the possibility of distributing promotional materials. The advertisement itself can not be releas, and it is precisely here that the existence of such an opportunity is impli. For example, there cannot be advertising banners on the Feral Tax Office website, which means that the website is not part of a social network.

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The audience of such a site should exce users from the Russian Feration per day. From a legislative point of view, the concept of social networks includes not only the familiar and , but also various UK Phone Number List forums and websites with advertisements, on which it is possible to create profiles and post comments. Social Networking in Legal Sense Social Networking in Legal Sense So far, the law does not define a method for counting the number of daily visits to a website. However, the document contains a clause stating that if the site has fewer than visitors from the Russian Feration, within days, you may apply to to have this site exclud from the list of social networks.

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After 10 days, such sites will be automatically exclud from registration in the social network. Until the exact method of calculating website traffic is approv by law, it’s not entirely clear what the number of visitors DM Databases per day stat in the document means. Usually they are already include in the job cost. Labor security in the form of sick leave and vacation is not provide, since the self-employe work for themselves. It is easy to terminate the cooperation if the contractor’s services are no longer relevant.

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