It was learned that the updates were still in place

In both cases. We do not yet know the filter level of this update. So the impact remains hypothetical. Your ranking will potentially go up and down over the next 2 weeks. The time of the update. Helpful content update and link spam update are still in progress returning from the holidays. Today. January 3. 2023 . It was learned that the updates were still in place in a response from twitter by john mueller. As a reminder. Both updates were delayed in their completion date because they coincided with the holidays.

Google said there was a security issue with

Completing them over the holidays. Also. We saw Latvia WhatsApp Number List some big turbulence days before christmas and then things calmed down a lot. The truth is that google’s volatility is much calmer than in recent weeks. We also saw some fluctuations on december 26. It should be noted that the december 2022 useful content update is more than two weeks away from when it should have been completed; it’s four weeks and one day. The december 2022 link spam update is now just under a week late .

Just about three weeks since it was released

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So don’t risk doing an seo audit during this period. Wait Canada WhatsApp Number List until the second week of january! Is netlinking with spambrain dead? Netlinking is a fundamental technique to position yourself well in seo. Netlinking experts literally spend their days getting backlinks (or inbound links) to your website. To do this. They can use their network. Offer press releases with links to journalists or even buy backlinks . In the latter case. We define its anchor.

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